Technical challenge? Not with our proffesional range of seamless presentation switchers, vision mixers and scalers. Whatever your source signal and output requirement we have a solution to make it work.

Barco E2 Event Master

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Barco E2 for hire

Available with 2 x Gen2 Tri Combo Input Cards & 1 x Gen2 Tri Combo Output Card and Barco EX Expansion Unit

Raising the bar for live screen management, the E2 presentation system provides superior image quality, exceptional input and output density, great expandability and durability. Supporting native 4K input and output. A truly versatile system, it offers eight mixable PGM outputs and four scaled Aux Outputs for full show control with a single box. The E2 can be linked with multiple other E2 chassis to create extremely large pixel processing canvases, to support the largest displays available.

Analog Way Ascender 16

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Analog Way Ascesnder 16 for hire

12 seamless inputs and 42 input plugs > Independent Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring output > Full live Preview of all sources (Preview/Mosaic/Monitoring) > Customization of monitoring layouts (Up to 8 templates stored) > 2 true-Seamless scaled layers + 1 native background layer per output > Advanced Layer Management > Rotation capability in output (step by 90 degrees)

Barco EC50 Event Controller

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The Event Master EC-50 event controller delivers instant access and great situational awareness for everything from trade show booths to large corporate events and even music tours. Its small footprint makes it suitable for most control environments, while simultaneously packing all the power and durability needed for instant access to crucial functions. As an extension of the Event Master toolset, the EC-50 brings sources, presets, layers, and destination selection at your fingertips, along with a second, touch-enabled display.

Analog Way Eikos2

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New Remote Control Software: RCS² (Windows, Mac & Linux) > Very fast processing and true Seamless switching > 3 operating modes: Mixer, Native Matrix and Quadravision modes > Up to 4 layers on Frame Background in Quadravision modes > Full audio digital compliant on DVI-D & HDMI Plugs > Quick Frame mode > Ability to modify the Program in real time without using the Preview > New Freeze features (Input/layer/screen) > Capability to switch between any input plugs (16 plugs available) > Outputs fully resizable > New Mosaic Preview > Video output (CVBS, YPbPr, 3G-SDI)

Roland V-1HD

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The V-1HD makes it easy to connect and switch video cameras, smart phones, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players and other HDMI video sources with a simple push of a button or slide of the T-Fader. Picture-in-picture and split functions. Two EFFECTS knobs deliver genuine visual performance. Remote Control via USB or MIDI Connection. Software Control using V-1HD RCS Application for Mac, PC and iPad.

Calibre LEDView 725SV

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LEDView725 is a universal image scaler based on Calibre’s proprietary class-leading HQUltra 4K image processing technology. HQUltra scaling provides best in class picture quality with low latency video processing. With its custom LED videowall-optimized scaling algorithms, LEDView725 has a special LED mode with per-edge pixel-accurate image sizing for fast pixel-perfect image alignment of all sources on LED videowalls.

Panasonic AV-HS410

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The AV-HS410 is an HD/SD selectable 1ME Switcher that rivals many high-end switchers by incorporating a host of inputs and outputs, effects and system expandability into its compact, 19 type, half-rack size. It comes standard with 9 inputs and can increase a maximum capacity of 13 inputs when optional boards are mounted. It provides versatile effects, including transitions with digital video effects and Primatte® chroma keying.

RGB Link VSP 168S

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VSP 168S is a 4 inputs seamless switcher and scaler. VSP 168S supports all common video and graphic inputs, including CVBS, VGA, DVI, SDI (Option). VSP 168S meets high end presentation requirement as its qualified image quality and advanced video processing ability, take multiple cascade mapping for example.

TV One C2-2355A

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C2-2350A Universal I/O Video Switcher/Scaler is based on TV One’s exclusive CORIO®2 technology and provides high quality bi-directional conversion between a variety of video formats. Inputs and Outputs can be DVI, RGB, YUV, YPbPr, Composite or S-Video (YC). Incoming video parameters may be adjusted. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained even when power is switched off. Ten user defined presets are also available to customize settings for various applications. The high resolution RGB/YPbPr output is selectable as virtually any PC or HDTV resolution.

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