While modern LED Screens are significantly more reliable than screens from 5-10 years ago, they still benefit from regular servicing and maintenance to keep them in peak working condition.

At YSLV we have an in-house service team to keep your screen looking great throughout its lifetime. All our screen installations are available with complete maintenance packages - serviced by experienced in-house LED Screen technicians. Our response times to problems are some of the best in the business wherever you are in the UK.

Parts & Warranty

Every screen installation comes with our comprehensive UK warranty that includes parts and labour. As we manufacture our own LED screens you will also have no worries about being able to get any spare parts should you need them.

Screen Monitoring

At any installation we can provide DisplayEngine Monitoring, which allows us to monitor your screen both technically and visually. We can install live IP Cameras viewable from the DisplayEngine dashboard anywhere in the world. Combined with playback and system monitoring we can provide a fully featured monitoring service.

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