With so many display technologies out there what makes an LED screen the right option for you? Let us explain...

High resolution LED screens are the next step in digital display technology. As a highly engaging form of digital media, it grabs attention and delivers a message with impact and vibrancy.

Like a flat screen TV it can playback and display images, video, text, and live data but on a much bigger physical scale. Unlike traditional display forms, LED screens do not get washed out by bright ambient light and are completely seamless. Providing you with one seamless wall of video that would make your message completely unmissable.

We have seen many poor installs where companies have chosen to install LCD video walls over an LED Screen in very bright environments giving very poor results.

  • Suitable for use in very bright environments: outside, windows, bright atriums
  • Totally seamless - an LED screen is a single block of video no joins visible on the display
  • Size factor - only LED screens deliver such impact at large scales
  • Better value for money - screens can deliver better value and reduced costs compared to other display types

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