• We provide a complete solution from concept and planning to installation and delivery
  • Choose a company who have been delivering LED technology for over 10 years
  • Provided with custom designed digital sigange software
  • Quality LED product based on our rental fleet
  • Full after sales support from us with full UK warranty
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Why Digital Signage?

Digital Signage has seen massive growth in recent years and is now visible everywhere from the high street to commuter hubs. Benefits of digital signage include being able to change content at will and being able to use moving images to increase impact over standard printed signage.

LED Signage is the next step in digital signage technology. As a highly engaging form of digital media, it grabs attention and delivers a message with impact and vibrancy. Like a flatscreen TV it can playback and display images, video, text, and live data but on a much bigger physical scale.

Unlike traditional display forms, LED screens do not get washed out by bright ambient light and are completely seamless. Providing you with one seamless wall of video that would make your message be completely unmissable.

Signage Content Management

All our digital signage installations come with the option of using our in-house, custom developed, digital signage management system. The system is a unique easy to use & powerful cloud based digital signage solution for video, images, social feeds and live data for any Out-of-Home digital signage application.

Manage content, media, scheduling and settings using our simple easy to use web interface that can be updated from anywhere in the world from your PC, Phone or Tablet. Schedule playlists based on day, date or time. Trigger schedules from live parameters - such as weather reports and interactivity. We can monitor uptime, connectivity status and what’s currently showing on your screens.

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Our LED Signage Product Range

We are the only UK company with such a comprehensive range of LED Screen and display products available to us. This means we can find exactly the right product for you and not just provide everyone the same solution. The V-Lite range covers indoor and outdoor screen products with some of the highest resolution outdoor LED screen currently available in the UK.

Indoor Range includes: 3.6mm 4.5mm, 7.2mm, 9mm, 14.4mm, 18mm pixel pitches.

Outdoor Range includes: 5.1mm, 6mm, 7.2mm, 9mm, 14.4mm, 18mm pixel pitches.

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