Our V-Lite range of LED Screens have been designed and developed by us here in the UK and exclusively manufactured in China to the highest industry standards using the latest in LED screen manufacturing technology. Over the years we have developed a unique relationship with our manufacturing partner allowing us to keep creating new and innovative, high quality, reliable LED displays.

V-Lite is the next generation of indoor and outdoor digital LED displays and are some of the strongest, lightest, and highest spec LED screen panels available on the market today. We use the same range of screens everyday in our rental business so we know they are of the highest quality and designed to last.

V-Lite LED Screens

Extra High Refresh Rates > 3000Hz

All our screens look flicker free to the eye and on camera

Ultra Lightweight

A weight of 12kg per panel on average across the V-Lite range

Full-HD Processing

All our screens can accept 1920x1080p signals via HDMI, DVI and HD-SDI plus VGA and Video, we can even work with 2K & 4K

Superior Contrast for Beautiful Pictures

Our 3mm & 4mm Pixel Pitch screens feature black-faced LEDs

Quick Build System

Our unique V-Lite build system allows our screens to installed much quicker than other LED Screens

Totally Silent – No Fans

All the V-Lite range contain no-fans so they are totally silent